Rambler's Top100

:-), " " (Happy)
:-( (Sad)
:-< (Really Upset)
:-||, (Angry)
:-@ (Screaming)
:-D (Laughing)
;-), - (Wink)
:-}, (Grin)
8-) (Wide-eyed)
:-|, (Apathy)
:-o, (Shocked or Amazed)
:-] , (Happy sarcasm or smirk)
:-[ (Sad sarcasm)
;-( (Feel like crying)
:'-( (Crying)
%-) (Happy confused)
%-( (Sad confused)
:-* (Kiss)
:-\ (Undecided)
:-# (My lips are sealed)
BRBBe right back
BTWBy the way
CULSee you later
F2FFace to face
FYAFor your amazement
FYIFor your information
HHOKHa ha only kidding
IMHOIn my humble opinion
OBTWOh, by the way
OICOh, I see
ROFLRolling on the floor laughing
RTFMRead the f..king manual
SOSignificant other
TTFNTa-ta for now
TIAThanks in advance
WRTWith respect to